Days 7-10/100

So, i haven’t been here to document for a few days. I will do a quick recap now and then be back in track with my daily posts.

On day 6 i mentioned that my scoby arrived to make Kombucha. Its currently fermenting in a nice big jar of organic tea. It did attract some fruit flies but i just placed an empty bottle of store bought Kombucha next to the jar, with a small amount of kombucha at the bottom. This attracted the flies into there where they met their death. Sorry flies. But now i have no fruit flies trying to get into my batch of Kombucha. Below is a better picture of the scoby. 

Day 7 i had a lovely breakfast consisting of eggs bacon and sweet potato homefries. That was the last day i ate eggs for breakfast. I tired of eggs quickly so probably wont have them for a week or two now.

On day 8 i made a dish taken from Performance Paleo by Steph Gaudreau. I absolutely love that book and quickly became my favorite. The first books i go to to look for inspiration are that one and the 2 Well Fed books by Mel Joulwan. Below is a pic of the Creamy Stewed Plantains i made.

Day 9 breakfast was soooo delicious. 

Bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado and a smidge of ranch sauce. My mouth is actually drooling writing this and remembering this delicious breakfast. I need to stock up on some more sugar free bacon. 

I got some really cute headbands for working out this week too. I got them at Fitness Fox Headbands. They have some crazy cute designs and they are sooo comfortable. Ive tried several head bands before but they either fell off, were too tight, or gave me a headache. These bands are perfect. They keep my hair out of my fave and sweat out of my eyes. 

Thats me just after a workout with a lovely rosey glow. But just look how beautiful the headband is!! I have 4 in total and already have my eye on the next ones that i want. 

After that workout i had a quick refuel meal which consisted of some leftover creamy plantain stew (mashed up) and some chorizo. The pic really doesnt do it any justice as it doesnt really look very appetizing, but it was a perfect combination of sweet and spicy and did the job! 

So what else… Oh i found some portable pouches of coconut oil! They are so cute and can be carried around in my purse. Take a look at their cuteness…

I love coconut oil, whether i cook with it, eat it or wear it. It has so many amazing benefits for the body, inside and out. 

One of my Instagram friends sent me a sample of essential oils this week. She suggested them after reading about my sleeping struggles and put together a little package. 

The last 2 nights i have used them and have been able to fall asleep within a few minutes and have slept solid for more than 8 hours. Im going to write a more detailed post about this later. 

And finally to round off my quick recap, this is what i had for dinner at work last night…

Cauliflower rice, chili & La Croix. I love those sparkling waters. 
So thats it really. Ive gotten back into doing my workouts so feeling a bit sore but it feels good. My headaches have decreased but i still have a little back pain. Nothing too bad though.

Oh also, day 10 my brain was working hard reminding me of all the things i havent eaten for awhile, especially dark chocolate and my favorite red velvet cheesecake. I remembered that around these days you are most likely to give up on a whole30, mostly because of food boredom or because you listen to that pesky brain reminding you of what you dint want to eat anymore. Well, thats just too bad because im in this to win it! 


Day 6/100

Today is day 6. I slept ok, about 7 hours. It took me while to get going this morning, despite a good breakfast and bulletproof coffee. I was also very congested and was sneezing quite a bit – hoping its just allergies. 


At around midday, i went out into Long Island with my sister in law. She was going food shopping so decided to tag along as there were a couple of things i needed. First stop was Trader Joes. By the time we got there i was really hungry and so grabbed a few snacks since we had 2 more supermarkets to go to. 

It’s my first time buying Jicama (not through lack of searching for it, believe me). I liked it. I wasn’t sure what to expect. It kind of reminded me of a cross between an apple and a potato…. And something else. When i have some more I’ll try to figure it out. But it was really good and glad i finally found some.
Next stop was Fairway. I got my paleo bacon here which is only $5. I also found some sugar free pizza sauce by Raos. I love Raos pasta sauce so didnt even second guess buying their pizza sauce. I also got some pastured chicken eggs, grass fed roast beef and a few bits for the kiddos.

Oh i almost forgot!! My scoby arrived today so that i can make homemade Kombucha. I LOVE Kombucha!! But at around $4 a bottle it can get a bit expensive. So, i finally decided i was going to make my own. This is my first experience with this so fingers crossed i dont muck it up. I will be sure to write about my experience. I currently have my brewed black tea cooling in the kitchen and then i will add the scoby. I then have to wait about 7 days!! for it to ferment. Here is a (not very good) pic of my scoby… Will get a decent shot tonight before i pop it in the jar.

So after an almost 5 hour grocery shop. Yes, you read that right. I was exhausted by time i got home. I had a little more of the Trader Joes snacks and the roast beef and relaxed for a couple of hours reading.

For dinner i made a Pizza Spaghetti Pie. I found the recipe on the blog of Paleomg. I made mine with ground beef and added some italian herbs as well as extra oregano and mushrooms. Its delicious. I added red pepper flakes once it was on my plate. I cant wait for leftovers tomorrow.

It’s almost bed time and i honestly can’t wait to sleep. I just have to finish the start of the kombucha and hopefully will have a restful night.

Little tired. Congested. Sore throat this evening. Some back pain whilst shopping. Good mood overall. 

Day 5/100

Rejoice!! I got an awesome sleep last night. More than 12 hrs of solid sleep. I woke up feeling amazing and hungry. 

For my meals today, i ate curried chicken salad and carrot parsnip fritters. I had eggs with the fritters in the morning. 

I had quite a regular day. Didn’t have back ache which is a relief. I didn’t want to kill all the things and i wasnt tired or cranky. So it was actually a great day!

I have 3 days off from work now so hopefully will get out and do something nice in the beautiful weather.


Felt “normal” today. Nice steady energy, nothing to crazy. Very mild headache in the morning and again evening. No back ache!!! 

Day 4/100

I’m extremely tired today so this will be a short post. I didnt sleep properly again last night. I’m going to take a melatonin this evening if I’m not sleeping in the next hour to help me sleep. Despite my tiredness I just find it hard to wind down sometimes. Once I’m in the swing of whole30 though it usually sorts itself out.

Ive decided i really need to think long and hard before going off track in future. The way i feel now absolutely is not worth me relaxing my effort to eat clean.

On a good note…. I didn’t want to Kill All The Things today. Yayyyyyy!! Im probably to tired to want to haha. I managed to do a little more food prep for the rest of the week this evening so feel a bit more relaxed knowing i have stuff in the fridge ready to eat.

Breakfast was leftovers of spicy beef, cauliflower rice and sweet potato all mixed up with a little dump ranch sauce. It was amazing.

Lunch was a grilled chicken salad but i didnt take a pic.

Dinner was curry chicken salad.

Tired. Please let this be the last of my tiredness. Lower back pain by the evening.
And that’s it. Goodnight 👋

Day 3/100

So tired today. I slept less than 2 hours last night. I worked a late shift getting home after midnight, closer to 1am and had to be up again for an early shift by 6am. I couldn’t fall asleep despite my usual “tricks”. I focused on my breathing, counted to 20 (which i never made because my mind was all over the place), i had some camomile tea. I didn’t fall into a deep sleep until after 4:45am. 

I woke at 6:10 and have never been more thankful for having food ready to eat. All i had to do was heat & eat. I had the last of my first batch of sweet potato home fries and perfect sausage. Washed down appreciatively with a bulletproof coffee (coffee blended with ghee & coconut oil). Breakfast gave me some much needed energy and woke me up enough to realize…. “Hey, you don’t have a headache and i don’t think you’re cranky!”


I’ve suffered with chronic back pain for about 4 years now. It started gradually and then after a trip back home to the UK – which included my little one and I hiking up mountains in Scotland and carrying him back down (this story deserves a whole post of its own which I’ll write in time) – my back pain became so severe that by the end of every day i would have to lay down on the floor for an hour crying until the pain subsided. 

I went to the doctors and they discovered i had 5 slipped discs and facet joint degeneration / arthritis. I was given cortisone shots and put on pain killers. We later discovered that my SI joint was inflamed too causing even more pain. I had already lost around 40lbs or so at this point from my heaviest weight, but obviously weighing in at almost 300lbs for almost 4 years had taken its toll on my body. 

So since then it has been a battle to lose weight to help my back and also to build muscle to help support the weight i do have. Ive had the cortisone shots several times but only once my pain got so severe i couldnt stand or sit without constant pain. Over the last 2 years, the need for the shots has decreased as has my pain levels and time experienced. 

My plan is to stay away from the shots altogether and to not have any more of the procedures done where they burn my nerves. It becomes a cycle and i wind up being dependant on pain killers again and that is definitely something i want to stop. My absolute goal is to be pain free and medication free. I want to heal my body with the food i eat. Which brings me to the Whole30. 

With Whole30 i am able to get my pain levels so low that i don’t even need to use Advil. I’ve noticed a pattern with my food/pain/shots/medication cycle. So im putting a stop to it. So, although today is a challenge for me, but i have just a few minutes until bed and know i can do it! 


Grilled chicken salad with dump ranch. Yum!


Dinner was basically a quick grab of some leftovers from my fridge. I added lots of seasoning to the ground beef and it was really good. I finished off with a few strawberries and coconut water.


Tired from lack of sleep. Increased lower back pain. Little to no crankiness today. No headache either. 

Now I’m off to bed. Hoping i don’t have a Kill All The Things day tomorrow. 

Day 2/100

Day 2…. Feels more like day 4. I’ve been in a pretty cranky mood alternating with side splitting laughter off and on for most of the day. Wondering if it’s because of the headache I woke with or PMS. God help anyone who gets to encounter my wrath on days 4/5 if im PMSing whilst also dealing with the stage known throughout the whole30 community as “Kill All The Things”.

To be fair, i have been provoked at times and i have been peachy sweet at other times when really i just want to yell “shut your damn cake hole!!”. Honestly, im rarely grumpy and even i dont like myself today. But what’s with all the stupid i seem to be attracting today? 

Anyway, at least my food was good. 


More perfect sausage and egg with sweet potato home fries. I think I’ll have this again for breakfast tomorrow.

Salmon wrapped kiwi and broccoli slaw.

I forgot to take a pic 😞 it was beef stew and cauliflower rice (the same i had for yesterday’s lunch)


Cranky. Headache on and off all day. Cranky. Dont talk to me. Very mild back pain. Are you still talking to me??? Occasionally found things hilarious. But mostly cranky. Oh and a few tears.
Remember, if you ever stumble across this blog you can also follow me on Instagram. I’m not usually this cranky. I promise. Im usually a unicorn farting rainbows kind of happy. I’m just detoxing from the sugar i ate over the Holiday weekend/husbands birthday. Sugar is EVIL. 

Day 1/100

I’m pretty tired today, i only slept for about 6hrs last night and the heat wave here in NYC adds to my tiredness. 

I got through the day without missing anything, although before i ate anything this morning my brain was ticking off everything Im not going to be eating or drinking for the next 100 days. Even stuff i dont usually have or haven’t had for about 2 years now since going Paleo.

Breakfast looked like this: 

Homemade sausage with egg, tomato and mushrooms.

Beef stew over cauliflower rice.

Rib eye steak, sweet potato and salad. 

It’s almost 9pm and i am ready to go to sleep.

Feelings/symptoms today:

Tired. Little cranky. Lower back pain. Slight headache this evening. Noticed hunger more than usual. 

Whole100 – 100 days of clean eating

Tomorrow, I start a whole100. Im frexcited! Yes im freaking out but im also excited. I’m freaking out because for the next 100 days, my will power, planning, preperation and the ability to refuel quickly post workout-pre work will all be put to the test. There are vacations, birthdays, beach days and just ‘i cant be bothered’ days. But… I WILL do it. Ive completed 9 rounds of whole30 so this should be a walk in the park right? Right?? 😕 of course im not expectin it to be that easy. But i am going to give it my best, my all and will document it here and on my Instagram. So, now I’ve shared what im freaking out about, here is what im excited about…

TIGER BLOOD!!! If you’ve done whole30 y’all know what im talkin about. The amazing energy, clear headed focusness (not a word im sure) and just feeling like wonder woman! Im looking forward to amazing recipes and dishes, changing my body composition, reducing further my aches and pains, amazing glowy skin and im excited to learn new things. Every round of whole30 ive learned something new, so cant wait to see what a whole 100 days of clean eating is going to do for me. Right now though, im going to enjoy a teeny tiny piece of my hubbys (red velvet!!!) birthday cake 🎂

Whole100 – Planning

So, i have started the planning for my Whole100. I’ve decided the best way to approach this is as if i havent done a Whole30 before. Ive done 9 rounds total and have gotten quite ‘comfortable’ doing them. That is one of the reason i chose to do 100 days – to push myself beyond my comfort zone and to try some new things.

I have my favorite meals which i will obviously include this time around, but i also plan to try many new recipes so i don’t feel like im stuck in the same place for so long. 100 days is a long time to eat the same meals so definitely need to get creative!

I’m re-reading It Starts With Food and the Whole30 book. I’m doing menu plans week by week and I’m being sure to find ways now to keep me positive and encouraged during the 100 days.

I really want to see what changes in my health, fitness and mind set will happen during the 100 days. I am actually excited to get this going. I was considering bringing the date forward but ultimately decided to stick with July 10th. That way i can fully plan and prep and know i am going into this with a full battle plan.

100 Days of Clean Eating

On July 10, 2016 I will embark on an epic journey through the wilderness to unseen lands and encounter mystical beasts and… Wait, wrong journey.

My real journey will be a 100 day challenge of clean eating. I will be following the program known as Whole30 – no sugar, no grains, no dairy, no soy, no beans/legumes. What, you may be asking, can i eat then? For a detailed look at Whole30 follow this link. I’ll give a basic outline below:

I can eat vegetables – practically any vegetable under the sun as long as it is fresh or frozen. With exception of corn and peas.

I can eat protein rich foods – eggs, shellfish, fish, beef, lamb, pork, veal, bison, turkey, chicken etc, some deli meats and even bacon if it is sugar free. 

I can eat healthy fats – olive oil, coconut oil, macadamia oil, ghee or clarified butter, avocado oil and a few others.

I can eat fruit – this should be after a meal and not as a snack which i personally try to limit to berries if anything, and of course Avocado – but does anyone really honestly think of it as fruit? 

Anything i eat from from a jar/package must be free from the things like added sugar, sweeteners, honey, grains, soy, canola oil, vegetable oil, MSGs, GMOs, food coloring, some preservatives and artificial flavorings. 

Doing a program like this, you will quickly learn how much crap is put into our foods and sugar is basically added in everything that is processed. You will also learn how crap you have been feeling without actually realizing it. Once your body is free from the nasty ingredients of food and some harmful foods, you will begin to feel amazing with tons of energy, better sleep, better workouts and a clear head – just to name a few things!

I have done a total of 9 rounds of Whole30 since August 2014. I decided my 10th round should be my greatest achievement which is why i decided on 100 days. I also want to really undo the bad behaviours and habits that still sneak in and honestly i still have a tough time with staying away from sugar completely.

I am going to spend the next couple of weeks planning as much as possible. I have to plan for 3 meals a day + an extra meal for after my workout. 

I really want to see how much this challenge can change my life. Whole30 has already changed my life in so many ways, which i will share in detail as i go along, so I’m excited to see what a full 100 days of 100% clean eating can do for me. You can follow me on my journey through photos on Instagram HERE